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series PM1
  • passive stacking to increase the packaging performance
  • programmable stack high
  • adapted running out belt for 1 – 2 employees
  • ergonomic running out height and optional empty box supply



series PM2 (Option storage)
  • active stacking to increase the packaging performance
  • programmable stacking
  • the stacking is done with step by step upward conveyor belt, then the stack is pushed off a conveyor belt and removed
  • combined with a box filler


series PM5
  • fully automatic packaging robot for tray products
  • handling for tray products
  • gantry robot (x-y-portal) to form programmable formats of a seriell product flow with following conversion in secondary packaging
  • approx. 100 products/min (depended on format and pulse rate)
  • construction length: 1,600 mm
  • grap/tool changer for different product formats



series PM6
  • Fully automated packaging machine
  • 2-axis gantry system with segmented vacuum gripper
  • Products were buffered into a high speed double belt conveyor and simultaneously inserted into a secondary packaging
  • dual-form transport- and positioning distance for highly dynamic and accurate provision of products for the portal system
  • product configurations, statistics, grap- and portal configurations, signal status via touch screen
  • → also for simultaneous packing of mixed products