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series GFS
  • compact design
  • sensitivity for ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals up to 0,6 mm
  • calibration free
  • various sizes and types available
  • powerful electronic with product effect offsetting
  • designed for installation in flow wrapping machines

[IP65] [MPULSE2] [MPULSE3] [ETHERNET] [PDF:EN/DB_GFS_1602eng.pdf]

series GF / GF-C
  • open, easily accessible precious metal rack, also available in compact styles
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 200,000 l/h
  • optionally with special wear-resistant ejection unit
  • product-touching parts made of stainless steel/POM
  • product-contacting parts made of stainless steel/POM
GF standard rot opt

[IP65] [DIGITAL] [MPULSE2] [MPULSE3] [MESEP] [PDF:EN/DB_GF_1702eng.pdf] [PDF:EN/DB_GFC_1601eng.pdf]

series VA
  • extremely sturdy and compact stainless steel housing
  • device-specific material throughput from 14,000 l/h up to 40,000 l/h
  • stainless steel ejection unit
  • optionally with wear-resistant product pipe
  • optionally high-temperature application
VA Digital2 opt.fw

[IP54] [HT] [DIGITAL] [MESEP] [MPULSE2] [PDF:EN/DB_VA_1601eng.pdf]

series Y
  • extremely effective, quick-reacting pneumatic outward transfer system
  • separates metal from slow back-pressure material columns
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 5,400 l/h
  • extremely flat mounting height
  • optionally high-temperature application
Y Dig2 opt.fw

[IP54] [HT] [DIGITAL] [MPULSE2] [PDF:EN/DB_Y_1601eng.pdf]

series compact
  • ultra-compact design
  • maintenance-free separation system for bulk materials
  • device-specific up to 5,400 l/h material throughput
  • compressed-air ejection
  • optionally high-temperature application
Compact Dig2 rot opt.fw

[IP54] [HT] [DIGITAL] [MPULSE2] [PDF:EN/DB_Compact_1601eng.pdf]

series SE
  • extremely sturdy and compact aluminium housing
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 14,000 l/h
  • extremly quick-responding ejection unit made of stainless steel
SE rot

[IP54] [MPULSE2] [DIGITAL] [MESEP] [PDF:EN/DB_SE_0901eng.pdf]

series classic
  • ideal for manually controlling small batches of material
  • no compressed air supply required
  • material throughput of up to 1,300 l/h
  • with inspection window and test probe
  • separating shuttle pipe made of stainless steel
Classic frei rot.fw

[IP40] [MESEP] [PDF:EN/DB_Classic_0901eng.pdf]

Ring detectors RG / KJR
  • wide delivery range, ring diameters from 6 mm to 300 mm
  • plastic or metal housing
  • integrated evaluation electronics with signal exit
rg 1


[MPULSE2] [PDF:EN/DB_Analogringe_0901eng.pdf] [PDF:EN/DB_RG_0901eng.pdf]