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series extraktor
  • unique ejection system for integration in suction conveyor – the pipe system remains closed during the ejection of metal impurity!
  • easily integrated into the suction conveyor line with hose connection
  • adjustment-free separating, irrespective of material speed
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 3,300 l/h
  • optionally in wear-resistant model
  • two large inspection doors
metallsep extraktor opt.fw

[IP54] [MPULSE2] [DIGITAL] [MESEP] [PDF:EN/DB_Extraktor_1601eng.pdf]

series PE
  • easily integrated into the suction conveyor line
  • highest sensitivity
  • self calibrating
  • report by HACCP
  • networking, OPC-compatible
  • hygienic design
  • without tools demountable and cleanable
  • individual adaptation
pe  [IP65] [MPULSE2]

series inline
  • easily integrated in the pipework
  • with flexible or rigid, high pressure-resistant pipe connection adapters
  • various separating valves available (butterfly, arc valve)
  • with CIP (Clean-In-Process) function
Inline HD

[IP65] [IP69K] [MPULSE2] [MPULSE3] [PDF:EN/DB_INLINE_1702eng.pdf]

series inflex
  • connection to all common filling machines (e.g. Vemag, Handtmann, Frey, Risco, Rex)
  • simple integration adapters for the most common sausage filler models
  • optional ejection valves / wring-off
  • easy dismantling for cleaning
  • with CIP (Clean-In-Process) function
Vemag 2017 05.fw




ejection valves


  • with CIP (Clean-In-Process) function
  • for pressures <10 bar


  • robust piston valve for product pressures


  • rotary slide valve
  • easy to disassemble / to clean
  • no seals