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Detectors for pipes and fillers

Our metal detectors for pipes are suitable for all fluids and paste-like media. They can be optionally fitted with various ejector valves.


These systems are primarily used for the processing of sausage meat using filling machines. But other highly viscous products from the food industry, such as marzipan, can also be inspected for very fine metal residues with these devices. The high-strength product pipes can withstand pressures of up to 55 bar. RD80/HP screw fittings are used for connection. The entire device is adjustable in height and moveable, allowing it to be connected to all common fillers. As an option, devices are available with linking gears for direct connection with a calibration device. Suitable ejector valves are available for discharging the metal!

Special features

  • Compatible with all common fillers
  • Optional ejector and/or linking gear
  • Protection class IP69K for all components
  • All components in hygienic design
  • Adjustable height via maintenance-free spindle drive
  • M-Pulse2 controller
  • 4-quadrant display
  • product clustering / vibration filter
  • Tool-less assembly of the automatic ejector using hinge mounting


Devices from the M-Pulse InLine series are used in every area of the food industry where liquid products or raw materials need to be inspected for metallic residues. They can, of course, also be used in other areas of the industry. The device can be fitted with different ejector valves. Variants are also available for pipe diameters of 40 mm to 150 mm. The device is connected to the pipe with Triclamps or hygienic couplings. This allows subsequent installation of the detectors without any great effort. The electronics are connected via a 3-m-long connecting cable, which means that the device can always be operated, even if the sensor is used in places that are difficult to access.

Special features

  • Stainless-steel design
  • Protection class IP69K
  • Product-effect filtering
  • Various ejector valves available
  • Separate control unit
  • Sturdy base frame
  • Customised production

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