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Optical Inspection

The increasing automation in the packaging industry is leading to an increase in requirements for visual product control. Many process steps were previously done by hand and all products were checked manually when packing products into boxes or transport containers by hand – these controls are no longer necessary with automated packaging solutions. Yet there is now a rising risk that products arrive on the market that do not meet the requirements and specifications of the retailers and consumers. Expensive recalls are unavoidable if mandatory information is missing on the packaging, such as the best-before date or even the entire label.

Optische Inspektion - Maschinelle Sichtkontrolle

OI 2

The “OI” optical inspection is a flexible image-processing system for quality assurance that can be integrated into any automated production system. Depending on the application, all customer-specific tasks can be accomplished for the visual inspection of rigid and flexible film products in secondary packaging. The unit uses cutting-edge camera systems that ensure reliable optical inspection. Compared to manual re-sorting, a fully automated inspection system offers many advantages and guarantees 100% visual inspection.

Special features

  • Optical inspection unit with conveyor belt system for the inspection of packaged goods at each end
  • Conveyor belt system with low-noise, low-maintenance PU belts and wear-free brushless DC motors
  • Stainless-steel frame including ejection container – all components protection class IP65
  • Speed range adjustable 0–70 m/min
  • Electrical interfaces for seamless integration into production lines
  • Network interface & software for remote maintenance, supervising and control
  • HACCP- and IFS-compliant logging
  • Intuitive operation via 15″ TFT touchscreen including user and job management

Application-optimised inspection such as:

  • Pattern recognition, measurement, position check, completeness check
  • Verification – barcode, data matrix
  • OCV and/or print check – e.g., for best-before date or batch marking

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