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Tunnel detectors and conveyor belts

Tunnel detectors are suitable for reliably checking for metals on conveyor belts and in chutes. Separable tunnels in the TU series are particularly suitable for retrofitting and simple applications. The BD series is ideal for the highest demands. The conveyor belts of our HQ series are specifically optimised for use with metal detectors and are available in countless variants.


These tunnel detectors are used wherever the highest requirements for detection performance and reliability are needed. Depending on the application, there are different evaluation electronics to choose from for operation, meaning that even the most complex task can be accomplished. The stainless-steel housing and seamless casting make this sensor the number-one choice in the food industry. Even products with conductive parts can be easily suppressed thanks to cutting-edge digital technology. The sensors are, of course, calibration and maintenance free.

Special features

  • Can be equipped with M-Pulse2pro or M-Pulse3 electronics
  • High sensitivity
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance free
  • Extensive accessories
  • Protection class IP65 / IP68 or IP69k
  • Hygienic design
  • Available in all common sizes

TU separable tunnels

This sensor is used for retrofitting metal detectors onto existing systems or for installation on belts and chutes that cannot be taken apart. Although it is possible to take the sensor apart for installation and then re-assemble it, the TU tunnel detector provides the highest sensitivities for detecting metal. These unique characteristics and the option to suppress vibrations or product effects allow you to use the sensor in almost any way you want. In contrast to other sensors on the market, this sensor is made entirely of stainless steel! This allows it to be used not only in the plastics industry but also the food sector.

Special features

  • Can be equipped with Digital2 electronics
  • Protection class IP54 or IP65
  • Available in all common sizes
  • Maintenance free
  • Stainless-steel design
  • Separable tunnel design

HQ conveyor belt system

The HQ conveyor belt system combined with our powerful BD-HD metal detectors creates a highly effective and reliable system for detecting and rejecting metal. All our systems are individually manufactured. Both the design and complete production are carried out under one roof. This, together with our many years of experience, enables us to find the right, optimal solution for every task. Our systems are used in all areas of industry – not just the food industry. They are typically used to check individual goods or bulk materials. The robust design, entirely manufactured in stainless steel, ensures a long service life and meets the strictest hygienic requirements.

Special features

  • Custom design
  • Precisely adapted to the particular application
  • Numerous variants and accessories
  • Powerful and efficient

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