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The sustainable use of raw materials and the recycling of waste materials are core tasks on the road to a sustainable and forward-thinking economy. The recycling of raw materials is already making an increasing contribution to the supply of raw materials. The use of new technologies and methods enables ever greater recovery rates and is therefore becoming steadily more profitable. Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik GmbH is a pioneer in sensor-based systems for sorting all types of metals. We have been developing and producing specialised sensors for recycling applications for more than 20 years. As a partner for many sorting machine manufacturers, we are the world’s number one when it comes to these types of systems. With our experience and tens of thousands of sensors in the field, we are able to develop and deliver custom sensors for virtually every application.
Different variants are available for integration with machines. Our sensors come in widths of up to two meters and with a resolution between 12 mm and 100 mm. There is also the possibility of arranging multiple sensors side by side to achieve sorting widths greater than two meters. Interfaces are available in standard Ethernet, RS485, or PNP switch outputs. 

Are you a manufacturer of sorting machines looking for the right solution for sensor-based metal detection? We would be happy to offer you advice and provide support in implementing sensors in your control environment!


These highly sensitive area sensors for detecting all types of small metal parts stand out due to their spatially resolved detection. This means that the metal parts are not only detected, but their position is determined on the sensor, making this unique sensor particularly suitable for use in the recycling industry. For example, metallic contaminants can be rejected from a material flow with precision, allowing shredded material to be sorted in an optimal way. The sensor can be used for conveyor belts, chutes or free-fall applications.

Special features

  • Different sensor widths can be supplied (50–2000 mm)
  • Different sensor widths can be supplied (12.5–100 mm)
  • Integrated controller for ejection device
  • No metal-free zone necessary
  • Sturdy, torsion-resistant aluminium housing
  • Simple installation
  • Separate operating unit can be supplied
  • Interface for PC or PLC
  • Protection class IP65
  • Sensitivity configurable via control electronics
  • Modular variants on request


Like all sensors in the MESEP FS series, the 3rd generation of devices also provides highly sensitive and precise detection of the smallest metal particles. Thanks to the integrated Ethernet interface, for the first time the sensor data can be sent to a PC or PLC in real time and analysed. This technology enables sensor data to be merged with the measurement values of other devices, such as spectrometers, cameras or X-ray machines. This opens up new applications in other areas of industry, such as mining, textiles recycling, paper, films and many more.

Special features

  • Ethernet interface: RS485
  • CAN, EtherCAT on request
  • Data output in real time (sampling rate 1kHz)
  • No metal-free zone necessary
  • Sturdy, torsion-resistant aluminium housing
  • Web server for easy start-up
  • Simple installation
  • Protection class IP65
  • Sensors with up to 124 channels
  • Demo software for PC available
  • Custom resolutions can be supplied (12–100 mm)

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